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Equities First Holdings Podcast Series, Shelter from the Storm: What would a protracted war in Ukraine mean for Asia-Pacific economies?

Administrator Senin, 15 Mei 2023 15:11 WIB

HONG KONG SAR  - 15 May 2023 - Equities First Holdings Limited is very pleased to announce the fifth episode of podcast series, Shelter from the storm: What would a protracted war in Ukraine mean for Asia-Pacific economies?

The new podcast series aims to help listeners understand the financial risks in the current climate, hear from wealth management experts about how these risks can be managed, and identify emerging investment opportunities. From the Sino-American trade war to hiking interest, the series will explore current geopolitical and economic events with seasoned wealth management professionals, and weigh up strategies they employ to protect financial assets against these threats.

Equities First Holdings Financing: Weathering a potential global recession in 2023

Entitled Can Asia Pacific benefit from de-globalisation?, the first episode of Shelter from the Storm, elaborated on the globalised economy under threat from the pandemic, deteriorating trade relations between superpowers, Russian invasion of Ukraine, and more. Meanwhile, the second episode explored the longevity of the 'friendshoring' trend and possible investment strategies and economic consequences.

Next, the third episode considered risks, impacts and investment opportunities economies and investors alike would need to adapt amid climate change entails. In the midst of a potential global recession, the fourth episode considered the implications on the West, China and Asia Pacific's economies. In response, there was also a highlight of short- and long-term planning and investment opportunities investors should be wary of.

The fifth episode focuses on the war in Ukraine. Despite entering its second year and with no end in sight, the catastrophic economic aftermath predicted a year ago did not materialise. Much of Ukrainian wheat is reaching foreign markets through the Black Sea to countries in Africa and the Middle East, whilst a mild winter has helped Western Europe avoid gas shortages, and Russia's economy has not collapsed under the weight of Western sanctions and military aid.

As the world finds itself split into two camps, three main topics will be discussed. First, how does this balancing act affect economic prospects in Asia-Pacific. Second, the vulnerability of Asia-Pacific economies to threats of global supply of food and energy from Ukraine and Russia, should they resurface, will also be highlighted. Finally, there will be analysis regarding different effects and financial risks on the global equity and fixed income markets, as well as strategies investors could employ to protect themselves moving forward.

From hostility to construction: Establishing a brighter future with Equities First Holdings Financing

Despite friction occurring across the world, Equities First Holdings is strongly committed to solving problems through innovation a core pillar deeply rooted in its prolonged business strategy and legacy. An adaptive player across a diversified partnership base and setting a long-term vision, Equities First Holdings strives to identify transformative investment opportunities and risk management strategies that apply even in the hardest situations.

The issuer is solely responsible for the content of this announcement.

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