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Winners Announced for the 'Greater Bay Area Outstanding Women Entrepreneur Awards 2023' Showcasing Extraordinary Women Creating a New Leadership Style for the Greater Bay Area

Administrator Sabtu, 18 November 2023 23:56 WIB

HONG KONG SAR  - 17 November 2023 - The 6th 'Greater Bay Area Outstanding Women Entrepreneur Awards 2023' is co-organised by the Hong Kong Small and Medium Enterprises Association and FM 104 Metro Finance, with primary sponsorship from the Bank of Singapore, and more than 40 support units, announcing the list of award winners today. Secretary for Justice of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Mr. Paul Lam Ting-kwok, SC, was invited to officiate and present the awards.

A panel of expert judges and business leaders from all walks of life were on hand to witness the outstanding achievements and extraordinary leadership style of 34 female entrepreneurs from various backgrounds and industries. The 'Greater Bay Area Outstanding Female Entrepreneur Award- Supreme Honorable Winner 2023' winner was Ms. Chiang Lai Yuen, JP, Chairman and President of Chen Hsong Holdings Limited.

The 'Greater Bay Area Outstanding Female Entrepreneur Awards 2023' aims to recognise female entrepreneurs for their pioneering and innovative spirit as well as pay tribute to their contributions to industry along with the overall economic and societal development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. The event organisers hope to create a stronger synergy through exchanges and interactions among business elites while promoting the expansion of industry and serving as a solid role model for the younger generation to encourage them to use their talents and jointly take part in the building of the Greater Bay Area.

This year, more than 100 exceptional female entrepreneurs were nominated to compete in multiple award categories, including: Outstanding Women Entrepreneur, Outstanding Women Entrepreneur Award in Family Business, Outstanding Young Women Entrepreneur, and Outstanding Caring Women Entrepreneur, as well as the Supreme Honourable Winner. The professional judging panel comprised 16 top political and business figures from the commercial community, academia, public institutions and professional groups. They carefully selected candidates in five major categories: enterprise management and development, industry influence and achievement, contribution for the GBA development, environmental and social governance, plus personal reputation and recognition.

Since its inception in 2018, the Greater Bay Area Outstanding Women Entrepreneur Award has received more than 400 entries with approximately 150 business elites having won the award over the past five years. The winning female entrepreneurs this year are group founders or corporate executives working in multiple industries, including hotels and tourism, real estate, transportation and logistics, technology, environmental protection, food and entertainment, plus health care, education, finance, art and commerce, and others. As leaders in their respective industries, they have made extraordinary achievements that are well-deserved. (See the attached table for the list of winners)

When establishing the Greater Bay Area Outstanding Women Entrepreneur Awards in 2018, the organiser adopted the slogan - "Blend strength with gentleness, while giving full play to your unique advantages to create a prosperous era across the Greater Bay Area". In order to reflect the original intention of the group's founding, the organiser promoted the establishment of the Greater Bay Area Hong Kong Women Entrepreneurs Association by selecting the first award-winning female entrepreneurs in 2019, together with subsequent award-winning female entrepreneurs. Through various types of activities and workshops, the Association promotes interconnectivity among various industries throughout the region while expanding cooperation between Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao. During the epidemic, they organised a number of charity services to benefit society.

Mr Paul Lam Ting-kwok, SC, SBS, JP, Secretary for Justice of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, said - "Together with leaders and elite individuals from all walks of life here today, I am delighted to witness the exceptional achievements and leadership style of the outstanding female entrepreneurs in the Greater Bay Area. The rule of law is the best environment in which to thrive and the high-quality development of the Greater Bay Area is inseparable from the rule of law along with a stable, fair, transparent and predictable business playing field. Under one country, two systems, Hong Kong's rule of law and independent judiciary have been widely recognised and respected by the international community, providing entrepreneurs with a fair, free and open business environment in which to operate. This will continue to bring future opportunities to enterprises in Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area.

Ms. Teresa Lee, Alternate Chief Executive & Head of Greater China, Bank of Singapore (HK Branch), the main support institution, also served as an award guest. She said - "Today's award winners have injected power into the business world through their unremitting efforts, innovative thinking and unwavering perseverance, and have demonstrated an exemplary role as female entrepreneurs. Their spirit and outstanding abilities not only create prosperity for society, but also bring far-reaching enlightenment and encouragement to everyone. I firmly believe that entrepreneurship is their first big step towards success, and as their businesses mature and their incomes rise, they will gradually change from merely business "creators", and eventually transform into "value-added" and "progressive" entrepreneurial status while they continue to shine in their respective fields and professions."

Mr. Song Man Hei, Co-chairman of the organising committee and Managing Director of Metro Broadcasting Co., Ltd., said - "This year's event is being held against the backdrop of the post global pandemic, customs clearance developments between China and Hong Kong, and a return to social normalcy. The number of participants in this year's event was the highest ever and the response was overwhelming. On behalf of myself and the event organisers we send our sincere congratulations and admiration to all the winners, and hope that they will continue to display their leadership style that combines strength and flexibility, working together for a brighter future of Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area. Metro Finance will also continue to rely on its own unique advantages in cross-media platforms to help each award winner increase their visibility in the Bay Area, while expanding their business networks, and providing listeners with more Greater Bay Area information. "

Ms. Pam Mak Mei-yee, Co-chairman of the organising committee and Permanent Honorary President of the Hong Kong Federation of Small and Medium Enterprises, said- "The construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area is key part of the country's 14th Five-Year Plan and will undoubtedly bring unprecedented benefits to all walks of life throughout the region with greater development opportunities. Hong Kong will also continue to leverage its advantages as an international financial hub and play an important role in connecting mainland China to the world in the development of the Greater Bay Area. The Hong Kong Federation of Small and Medium Enterprises will also continue to actively promote various projects and plans to assist the development of Hong Kong's small and medium-sized enterprises, while also bringing together entrepreneurs from different industries to establish a collaborative platform to promote mutual exchanges of business experiences and insights. We will strive to contribute to the economic, societal, and developmental success of the Greater Bay area by making greater contributions toward talent cultivation. "

List of Winners of GBA Outstanding Women Entrepreneur Awards 2023

GBA Outstanding Women Entrepreneur Award- Supreme Honorable Winner
Chiang Lai-yuen,JP
Chen Hsong Holdings Limited
GBA Outstanding Women Entrepreneur Award Winners
Cheng Shuk Fong
Wing Yip International Limited
Cheng Shuk Lai
Wing Yip International Limited
Ching Mei Corona Cheung
3 Wells Watch Industries Ltd
Irene Cheung
3D-Gold Jewellery (HK) Ltd
Maggie Cheung
SA Project Limited
Chhoa Peck Lim Bella
Sino Land Company Limited
Chiang Mei Ling
Oi Ling Gallery
Choi Kwan Li
D&G Technology Holding Company Limited
Lisa Hooi
Golden Cosmetic & Beauty Limited
Crystal Hui
Global Life Immigration (HK) Limited
Diana Suk Ching Kong
Oscars Limousine Limited
Tina Kwan
Farm House Catering (Holdings) Limited
Lisa Lau
Ah Yat Albalone Princess (HK) Limited
Judy Lau
Global Cosmetics (HK) Company Limited
Angela Lee
The Skin Oracle
Li Suet Ying
Unity Regal Group Company
Dr Anessa Liu Huanming
MediLink Biotech (Hong Kong) Limited
Ma Yu
Day Karkal Limited
Hung Hung Virgina Ng
Abus Hardware (Hong Kong) Limited
Rita Pang
See Change Education
Gloria Slethaug
Greater Bay Airlines
Tong Mo Ching
Kitty Wong Kit Yin
MCM International Company Limited
Jiaxia Zhu
Shenzhen Pimo Technology Company Limited
GBA Outstanding Women Entrepreneur Award in Family Business
Minna Ng
Ajisen Hong Kong Limited
GBA Outstanding Young Women Entrepreneur Award
Corina Man Ngo Cheng
Simply Mask Limited
Nim Ling Lam
Geneieve Yuen
DLT Global Immigration

GBA Outstanding Caring Women Entrepreneur Award
Jessica Chan
AusCode Worldwide Limited
Helen Chu
Heligear Engineering (HK) Consulting
Kwan Mei Shui Michelle
Masterfire Internatinal Consulting
Ng Nai Nar
Asia Cassava Resources Holdings Limited
Vicky Wong
The Hong Kong Ballet Group

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